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Friday, November 19, 2010

I was recently reminded what a crummy blogger I am, so here we go!

Molli has been growing and growing like crazy! She's up to 22.5" and 10.3lbs!  She fits in most of her 0-3 clothes and some of her newborn ones too. She is smiling a ton and cooing.  It's adorable. The only thing I'm not a fan of that she's way into is puking.  She spits up like crazy these days!  We're talking, bib soaking, sending outfits to the laundry on a regular basis kind of spit up.  I smell like old milk most of the time.

Yesterday Myles and I were watching a movie and Molli was sitting with Myles, just chillin and out of nowhere she started yelling at us. I don't know if she just wanted more attention, or what, but I thought it was funny.  This is another of her new things...she just loves to makes noise!

This morning she was all smiles and sweetness... 

She is pretty much the coolest part of my life... which leaves our dogs in a sorry position.  Our poor neglected dogs!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I don't have a whole lot to update on tonight, but I figured it wouldn't hurt anyway.  Molli has been doing pretty well sleeping through the night lately, although not every single night.  She sometimes still gets up once to eat.  All in all, I feel very lucky to have such a great sleeper!  I plan on all my future children sleeping just as well as she does. =)  

Highlight of my day is that I finished making two Christmas presents, low point of the day is a massive screaming session that Molli decided to grace us with tonight.  It's so sad when she gets like that.  She just gets mad, mad, mad when she's fighting sleep!  Unfortunately this case of the over-tired bug was also accompanied by some scream-worthy gas.  Poor baby girl!  With all the screaming, she sucked in a lot of air, so I'm sure we haven't seen the end of the gas tonight.  bummer!  The only position I could get her even remotely calm was to lay her on her tummy in my hand or on my lap.  Doesn't look comfortable to me though. Once she calmed down, she fell right asleep.  (she's in her diaper because she barfed all over her clothes)

With these recent scream sessions, she's gotten some great practice at using her voice.  Cranking up the volume around here!  She's still our sweet little angel though.

She conked with big blue earlier today.  It made me laugh =)

Check out the size of that belly!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Growing too fast

Everyday I look at Molli and I am amazed by her.  I am amazed that Myles and I made her and we get to keep her and raise her.  I am amazed at how perfect she is and how bright her eyes are.  I am amazed that she is a little person, with all the same parts of a grown up person.  I am amazed to watch her personality unfold in the smallest ways more and more everyday.  But the thing that has been capturing my attention the most is how much she has grown already.  She looks up at my face with the same beautiful bright eyes as the baby placed on my chest 2 months ago.  She is the same baby we drove, so carefully, home from the hospital.  And surely she is the same baby who has captured and melted our hearts day after day.  I am in awe of her.

It is so fun watching her learn and soak up her surroundings, but it is also bittersweet.  Everyday that goes by, she is one day older.  Each day is one that I will never get to live again.  As tired or as busy as I may be, and as much as I just want to go to sleep, I have to stop myself and realize that this day is amazing.  I am so sad to watch her newborn look fade.  Although it is exciting to see her learn to do new things (she rolled over this week) and gain an understanding of her world, I want her to stay my little baby. While I love that she will gain independence as she continues to grow, I don't like thinking about her not having to rely on me.  I'm already thinking of how much I will one day miss the precious baby snuggles and the sweetness of our routine together.  There is nothing better than staring at her when, out of nowhere, she looks right into my eyes and bursts out into a huge gummy smile, just because she loves me and is happy.  But one day, that big gummy smile will have teeth.  Her smile will still be beautiful and sweet, but not the same.  Time is going too fast.

I guess the whole point of this is me expressing that I want to appreciate this angel every single day.  Sometimes she is cranky and fussy for reasons that I can't figure out, but even then, I want to appreciate her.  When she is screaming and arching her back and I've picked her up, put her down, walked around, bounced and nothing is helping and I just want to cry because I can't fix it, even then I want to remember what a blessing she is.  I want to be grateful that she has lungs that work and a voice to scream with.  One day those lungs that produce such volume, and that same voice that make sounds that break my heart will sing with me and call me "Mommy."

While I look forward to singing and listening to my sweet little girl, today I just want to soak her in and keep her my baby.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This chica was all smiles yesterday, but was like Michigan J. Frog from the know, the one where the frog sings (hello my honey, hello my baby...) and I could NOT get a picture of her.  It was very tricky.  It may be excessive, but I'm going to post all of my attempts that managed to capture an awful lot of   goofy faces instead of grins.

and my personal favorite...

I think she looks just like her daddy here.  The creeper mustache picture is the best I could find with a similar expression:

(he does the Molly expression all the time, I just don't have a picture of it.)

Molli and I went on a long walk yesterday and she was pretty chilly afterward, which required some serious snuggle time.  Snuggle time ended in an adorable nap with Daddy.

She is so stinkin adorable!  Today she is rockin the tie-dye and looking amazing!  She prefers to stand up, so I managed to keep her upright and take a picture.  About .05 seconds after this, she puked straight down herself.  Little stinker!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Am I a slacker or what?!  My goodness, I'm sorry.  I suppose busyness is to blame, or perhaps just plain and simple neglect.  Sorry blog.

Uncle Brian came to visit and we had a really good time having him here.  It makes me realize how blessed I am to have such wonderful guys as brothers.  Not all people are so lucky.  Brian was SO good with Molli, it was adorable!  Pretty much every time I looked at him, he was helping with M's pacifier, tucking her in with a blanket or just staring at her.  (She's good to stare at.) He obviously loves her!

Here he is multitasking, holding the pacifier in and bushing her hair, what a man!

They were both content just hanging out together

And when you're lucky, hanging out leads to a nap!

I told Uncle Brian to eat part of an onion and he did.  There was talk of a dollar, but nothing came of it. 
(video wont upload now, I'll try later)

Brian, Molli and I traveled to O'Hare to send Brian off.  We found where we needed to be successfully and I managed to get home safely too, which is always a plus.  It was sad saying goodbye, it always is, but I know Brian is going to have a once in a lifetime experience.  We pray for his safety in South America everyday.

Molli has been growing like a weed!  As of the 27th (28th?) she was 9 pounds, 4 ounces!  She's gaining about an ounce a day, which is phenomenal!  With all this growing she's been doing, she can pretty much fit in 0-3 clothes now.  She still wears her newborn clothes, but the ones with feet are getting short.  This girl has long and still thin appendages.  Her belly is getting bigger, and more adorable everyday =)

Look at that tummy, don't you just want to touch it?!

Her first 0-3 outfit...had to get it in before Halloween!  She's my little pumpkin!

  Look at that face!  Just as cute as her pumpkin butt =)

And speaking of Halloween...we went to a friends house to hang out.  Fred and Wilma escorted an adorable little ladybug!

She didn't mind being in her costume, but the photoshoot in bad lighting was a bit much for her after a while.  She lost her patience with me.