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Friday, June 15, 2012

I’ve been doing that thing where I totally neglect this blog again. Oopsie.

 Our little Monkey Molli is growing up like crazy.  I seriously don’t even know what to do with all this learning that is happening!  Everyday I notice something funny or quirky about her that she’s picked up somewhere.  Her papa has called her a Mynah Bird because she is a total copy-cat.  She will repeat anything she hears and doesn’t seem to forget anything, ever.  I guess we’ve reached the stage where we really have to watch what we say around her. 

She’s working on putting sentences together.  It’s normal for her to say things like, “I see Mommy’s car!” or “I want more pancakes.”  I can’t get over how weird it is to be able to communicate with her like this.  Sometimes she makes us a little bit crazy because along with all this talking is a heavy dose of persistence.  I’m sure you can imagine how fun it is to hear the phrase “All done, Mom! All done, Mom! All done, Mom!” exclaimed from the front of the shopping cart, car seat, high chair etc. (pretty much anyplace that is even somewhat restricting.)

Little miss smarty-pants is also turning into a major back seat driver.  She can’t stand when the car stops and anytime the vehicle comes to a halt, she’s shouting from her car seat, “GREEN GO!” She also knows to say, as the car is slowing to stop, “Red stop.” When we get to talking about it, she’ll also say “Yellow, uh uh uh uh” while shaking her finger and head from side to side. 

She’s been putting things together in new ways also.  For instance, the other day she was sitting on what’s left of my lap, facing me and lifted up my shirt in order to get a better look at “Gavin.”  In other words, wanted to slap my belly a little bit and play with my pregnancy induced outie belly-button.  This is a common occurrence so I didn’t think anything of it until she pinched my belly button and said, “Piggy market… Wee wee wee wee home!” We had recently gotten an ultrasound where Gavin’s “piggies” were pointed out and she deduced that my belly button = Gavin’s toes.  So cute!

I’m getting pretty excited about finally getting to meet Gavin.  Everything feels so different than when we were at this point with Molli.  I’m not sure what is so different, but it is.  I definitely have some anxiety that is new, like “how am I supposed to spend as much time with Molli as I do now?”  “How will I balance mommy time and spouse time?” “Am I ready to not sleep again?” And a big one: “How can I possibly love another child like I do Molli?”  I know our lives are about to change BIG TIME and I’m doing what I can to prepare myself… I’m pretty sure that extra loads of laundry and unpacking newborn things are barely scratching the surface of being ready.  Ready or not, I’m full term on Sunday!