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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's day

After Myles and I got married, when we were in college and still lived in Florida, I worked for a while at a Hallmark shop. This meant three things, besides a bit of income. First, I had constant access to cards, which meant there was never an excuse to let a holiday or birthday slip by without procuring the appropriate cards with plenty of time to spare. Second, I got to hear people's stories everyday as I helped them pick out just the right card or gift for whatever situation. Third, I always (always) had at least a speck of glitter perpetually stuck to my face. Hallmark is notorious for capitalizing on holidays and Mother's Day was certainly one that would ensure a constant parade of people in the store, searching for something that would say just the right thing for all the most precious moms out there.

This Mother's Day is no different; people everywhere will be hunting for that perfect little gift expressing sentiments of love and gratitude. But today, instead of hunting for just the right thing that says how they feel, why not just say it? I tell my kids constantly to "use their words" and it seems to be the most appropriate thing I can do today. I have been blessed with the most amazing Mom in the world, but when I got married (going on 11 years!), I also gained two other, incredible women I get to call "Mom."

Many of you know that Myles' mom had an accident a few weeks ago, resulting in a traumatic brain injury. She is in good hands and among helpful therapists as she recovers, but the road will be long and difficult.  Probably longer and more complicated than anyone fully realizes yet. Myles has been back in Boise to be with his family twice since the accident, and I went along once.  Let me tell you, it was difficult seeing someone so loved in such a helpless state; a strong, smart woman lost in the haze of an injury and putting forth great effort to overcome challenges that were never considered such.  The re-learning and remembering will surely take a long time, but she is being supported and lifted up by people in her family, community and truly in the prayers of people across the world. The situation is devastating, and our hearts are hurting so badly, but there is hope because our God is a magnificent healer.

The thought occurred to me as I was flying back home by myself this week, that I hope she knows how much she is loved. I hope that understanding is so deeply ingrained that she knows it even if she can't name it. I hope that same thing for everyone, but today, specifically for every mom in my life.  It's no secret that the love between a child and mother is unique. There is a bond that doesn't compare to any other relationship I've ever experienced. There's comfort, inspiration, acceptance, support and grace in each mother/child relationship I've been a part of.  It's a beautiful thing and I want to use my words to acknowledge it today.

Mom, Loraine and Suzette, thank you each for being Mom.  Grandma, you fit here too. You are all so different from one another but those motherly traits are a common thread between each of you.  I know you unconditionally love my family and me, and I hope you know we reciprocate. You've all taught me different things and there's no doubt that you have plenty more to teach in the years to come. Molli has some great examples in her life! I love YOU!

Mom friends and mentors, thank you! I have a whole tribe of women surrounding me and I don't have to do this alone.  It is so refreshing to come to you and tell you how much I've failed but once I've finished whining, you pull me back up to reality.  I have amazing Godly women in my life who can remind me that there's grace in each moment and my failures are not going to ruin everything.  I'm so far from perfect but I'm grateful that I don't ever feel like I have to pretend to be. I love YOU!

Molli, Gavin and Baylor- you three have changed me permanently (in so many ways, thank you very much). You guys drive me totally bonkers but I love you to pieces.  I mean it when I say "I love you more" because I've never felt a anything as enormous as I do toward you.  You simultaneously bring out the mamma bear in me as well as the softest pile of mushy emotions. I can't get over how amazing each of your different personalities are. It's been a pleasure to grow with you all your lives and I don't take for granted the many blessings of getting to continue this journey of motherhood.  Thank you for making me a mommy. I love YOU!

Myles, goodness gracious.  I don't even know what to say. Maybe you'll get your own Father's Day post, but for today, thank you for being a good man for our family and for helping me be a good mommy.  You're a great dad, husband and friend to us.  I'm thankful that your mom raised you well and for her love for you. You've shown so much grace and maturity, these past few weeks especially, I'm encouraged by you. When we became parents, our family changed tremendously, but I am happy that we are continuing to live out our wedding vows we made a lifetime ago and being the example our kids need. I love YOU!

Hallmark has a card for pretty much everything, but I don't think there are any that say all that I have on my heart.  I am so blessed to have all these amazing people in my life and so many great examples of love.  If motherhood were to be summed up in one word it would simply, and maybe obviously, be "love" and I've got more than I deserve.  I hope you all know, at the very core of your being, that you are loved and important! You are each teaching me and changing my life.  If your card is late, which is how I roll, I'm sorry, but these are the real words I want to say to you on this Mother's Day.  I love YOU!

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  1. Love you Erin! Happy mother's day friend! �� I'm blessed to have you in my life!