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Monday, February 4, 2013

Monkey Drama

I don't know if I found favor with God, got lucky or if the stars aligned, whatever it was, I do know is that the timing of Gavin's morning nap and Molli's morning snack had a direct, positive correlation on both my personal hygiene and my alone time (both of which are a rare treat, as noted in my previous post). I jumped on the opportunity to shower alone by putting molli in her high chair with a couple of graham crackers and put Curious George on my laptop for her. We were both pleased with this set up because of my desire for a solo shower and her excitement to watch a show.  Molli is one of those deprived children who rarely gets to watch movies or tv shows. We have never paid for telivision so if we watch something, it is more intentional than just pushing a button to turn the tv on.  Anyway, this morning I was reminded to record a little bit of who my daughter is right now.  

Like I said, she doesn't have a whole lot of screen time, but when she does, she gets really into it. If you've ever met Molli, you know that she is a very interactive child.  She doesn't just sit back and watch anything, she gets involved, and does so enthusiastically. As I was finishing up my shower, 7 minutes of pure mommy bliss, I heard a shout from the other room. I put on my robe and glasses and hurried out to help, only to find that the problem was that George had made a mess, or something.   Molli had abandoned her snack and was utterly engrossed in the happenings of this monkey.  I stood out of sight and observed her as threads of wild exclamations poured from her mouth. She clapped and held her hands out in distress at all the appropriate times (according to her theatrical commentary). 
"Please, George! Clean it up, right now! Oh no, you made a big huge mess, that's not good!"
"Where is her mommy?! I need her mommy to PLEASE come and pick her up!"
"Oh no! You better get down off there, right now, George!"
"Oh please don't, you will get in trouble"
"Yay! You did it! Good job George!"

In the recent past I've observed her flip out at the rain storm in the little mermaid and yell at Mr. Noodle to get off the floating mailbox because it's too dangerous and he might fall down.  The most intense moment of all was during this pitiful scenario:

A couple weeks ago we were watching the movie "The Lorax" and she had a comical interaction with one particular scene.  The forest animals were upset that their trees were at risk of being chopped and they pulled the sleeping perpetrator out of the house on his bed and set him afloat down the river.  This was initially displeasing to molli because beds do not belong in the water. She was at about a 4  on her emotional scale.  Then some rapids came and he was still sleeping, escalating her to a 5 or 6.  At some point during the rapids the pillow went overboard,  sending molli through the roof! In tears she stood shouting at the tv, crying that that his jammies are wet, he NEEDS his pillow and various versions of "oh no, you need to go back inside your house. You can't be in the water!"  Occasionally she would look to Myles or me, for help, I suppose, but he and I were torn.  We wanted so badly to laugh at her utter hysteria, and simultaneously snuggle her. The poor girl was distraught over the whole thing and we just watched it happen.  Eventually she climbed up onto the couch with her dad and was fine, but man, what a dramatic little thing! 

I am so entertained by the new, sometimes ridiculous, developments of my little monkeys and I hope you are too!

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