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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


This is a super hodge-podge of a post, but I just need to post it.  I've been keeping a word document on my desktop of many "Molli-isms" that I don't want to forget but I never really finished it or put it together in a way that makes any sense.  So whatever.  I can post a weird blog if I want.  And I do because otherwise it'll likely never be finished.  

So here you go.  All but the last paragraph are old. (Don't worry, she's not sick again)

My Molli is sick again.  I cannot tell you how sad this makes me.  No parent likes to see their little one sick, but it seriously seems like one illness goes away just in time for the new one to kick in.  As tired as I am of it, I know she must be so ready to feel well again. Poor thing. 

The only bright side is that her voice crackles and squeaks when she’s sick, and it sounds so sweet.  Also, when she’s really not feeling well, she’ll snuggle and ask for me to hold her.  Don’t mind if I do! 

I offered her anything her heart desired for breakfast because when she gets sick, she stops eating.  I figured if she had the power to choose, she might eat.  She chose oatmeal, which we are out of.  So we made pancakes together.  She ate well, but was particularly chatty over breakfast.  Hearing her talk made me realize that I needed to log some of her precious, silly, or peculiar phrases and ways of speaking. 

I love to sit by/talk to/snuggle with/play with etc. you
Plaaay with me.
Lets talk about a story.
You are my flavorite

She regularly talks about how much she loves her brother but one day she was in the bathtub, sick and wanting her mommy, but I had to feed Gavin.  She demanded, “put that big chunker down and come to Molli.”

She calls Gavin’s mesh bag his “mush bag.”

Slippery = slickery
Cozy= clothesy
She checks for “boogies” (instead of bogies) on a walkie talkie.
Throw up/spit up = blow up

I asked her to hand me my phone so I could ask it how long it had been since Gavin ate (needed to check an app) and she tried to use Siri (which I don’t have).  Unlocks the phone, pushes home button and says, “How long it’s been since Gav ate?”

And finally, tonight:

Molli went to bed early and has been playing in there instead of sleeping, which is fine and normal. She was singing, reading her Bible, playing with her guys and with whatever else she could reach.  Then I heard the songs change from the ABC’s to “Bad boys, bad boys, whatchya gonna do, whatchya gonna do when they come for you?” I had to laugh at her ridiculous song choice and checked the monitor just in time to see her hop back into bed and she said, “nope, they’re not coming for me!”

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