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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Gavin, almost 10 months!

Molli’s vivacious personality and current state of rapid learning and growing up has taken a front seat in this blog, and it’s not fair to my sweet little guy.  So here’s a taste of what life is like with our precious Gavin. He is going to be 10 months old in just a matter of days...I know, I can't believe it either. 

Gav, you are the most incredible little man.  You’re still such a chunker but it has been stated several times over the past month or two that you’re slimming down.  You’ve got some serious thighs, a squishy booty and thick little hands and feet.  You’re just perfect!  I love that you are so opposite your sister in every way, this being the most obvious.  What she lacked in girth, you make up for.  At your 9 month appointment you were either 28 or 29 inches long and 20lbs 12oz.  That’s down three ounces than you were a few weeks prior.  You know what that means?  You’re moving!

Your smile is amazing!  You haven’t gotten a new tooth for a couple months, but those seven pearly whites are big and bright!  When you smile, it’s like you’re just showing us your teeth.  They are the first thing people mention when they meet you and you grin at them, “Oh look at those teeth!” I like that you have seven instead of eight.  Your smile always appears crooked and it’s downright adorable.

When you’re excited, you gasp. Most of the time, this gasp has something to do with food. I can toss a handful of cheerios on your tray, show you the food I’m making for you or eating myself and get this reaction most of the time. If I’m holding you and I open the fridge, you lose control.  Your arms flap, your legs and back stiffen and you squeal as you inhale.  You’re just so enthusiastic!  You love your food, and always have!

You’re clapping, dancing, kissing, waving, and peek-a-booing.  When you wave you make a sound that means "hi." You’re figuring out how to get reactions and love the praise you receive when performing all your tricks. One of my favorite tricks is your improved sleeping.  I can't say you consistently sleep through the night, but you have a few times and I'm totally digging it.  

Molli is your buddy.  She is yours and you are hers.  You both get incredibly excited to have each other and I LOVE IT.  It brings me so much joy to watch you two interact.  Most of the time you get along perfectly.  The only times you don’t prefer her is when she’s in your face too much, and the only time she doesn’t prefer you is when you invade her safe spots now that you can stand at her table.  Apparently it’s absolutely torturous for her. Molli calls you, "My Gav," "Gavie," "Mr. Gowahan," "Chunker," and "My boy."

(this was actually a hug, I promise)

Once you figured out crawling, you were off!  At first you had to concentrate for each movement, but you quickly mastered it and went places like you meant business.  You’re the most enthusiastic crawler I’ve ever seen, constantly making happy noises as you go, breathing in and out noisily, panting.  I can’t even describe the sound you make (but I’ve made the sound myself trying to figure out how to say it in words!).  You go, go, go and you’re getting naughty with all this freedom!  If there is ever a door open, you’re in, something to pull off the couch, it’s down, anything you’re not supposed to have, you’ve already crawled to it and most often, half eaten it by the time I can even take a step toward you! You crawl everywhere with things in your mouth, like a puppy.  It's hilarious and so cute! What's not so cute is that you've started climbing the stairs and intentionally getting into things you're not allowed to touch.  You reach out, touching the forbidden item and shake your head "no" the whole time.  Little stinker!

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